Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
Weekly Mass Schedule
Monday - Saturday
8:30 A.M.

​Sunday Masses:
​Saturday Vigil: 5:00 P.M.
​Sunday: 8:00 A.M., 10:00 A.M.,
​ 12:15 P.M.
Italian: 11:15 A.M.​​​​​

Roman Catholic Church

1 - In lieu of articles presented in memory of deceased family members donations towards the following items are preferred: vestments, ciborium, chalices, altar linens, etc.
Since we have a better sense of what is needed for the use of the church and its sacred liturgies, we would ask that before any items are bought to please check with Fr. Sansone.

2 - Monetary gifts are accepted as memorials to the parish for:
a) Diocesan Annual Catholic Campaign
b) Sanctuary Flowers
c) Altar Bread
d) Altar Wine
e) Altar Candles
f) Seasonal flowers and decorations for Christmas and Easter

3 – Monetary contributions outside of the regular Sunday collection are appreciated.